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Help us clear the way for fresh beads! Up to 80% off select stylesHere ye! Here ye! Jesse James Beads is making way for fresh beads, which means select styles are ready to get cleared out! These beads are so pretty, we just have too many of them! Check out the Rebel Alliance Red bead (bottom right), or how about the Pretty in Pink beaded bead (center). These beads at 75% off their ticketed price. Holy smokes! Get them while they last, this sale is going to have our beads flying like wild.

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Sarah James


Make Halloween Party Jewelry

autumn bracelets for festive creating

Halloween is right around the corner! And our Halloween strand stock has JUST returned back to our warehouse from the Whole Bead Show (thank you shipping company logistics for losing track of our seasonal goodies, ahem). So, with the Halloween date rapidly approaching we have deals out the wazoo on our limited edition Halloween Strands. Visit the new Celebrate Strand page to see our new seasonal flavors. There’s fresh tassels too!

autumn owl braceletThis sweet Autumnal Treat was made using the Autumn Owl Strand, two of our small size Cage Crystal Beads in gold, and a new tassel from our Tassel Heaven 10-Pack

day of the dead braceletDia de los Muertas! The Day of the Dead Bracelet and beads are here. This bracelet is beautiful for all times of the year, skulls are trendy and these white turquoise brain cages are absolutely rocking. To make this strand, our gal Pea used one Day of the Dead Strand and two small-size Cage Crystal Beads in gunmetal

Witches Shoes BraceletThis one is awesome – The Witches Shoes. Looks like that witch has some serious style. Make your own version using the Witches Shoes Strand and a new Heavenly Tassel


Thanks for popping by. Share your Halloween projects with us on our newest and most favorite social media platform…INSTAGRAM (woop woop!) Put a hashtag on it will ya, #jessejamesbeads. We love to see what you are up to with our beads (and we would just love to double tap dat…post!)


Have a great day, TGIF ladies and gents!


Happiest Regards,

Sarah James

Sell Your Handmade Jewelry at Craft Fairs

This past weekend I visited the Fort Lauderdale Indie Craft Bazaar with my good friend and FL warehouse comrade, Pea. This was an awesome three room craft shows filled with vendors and all of their incredible handmade goods.

Working craft shows - The Fort Lauderdale Indie Craft Bazaar

Floor shot at the Indie Craft Bazaar. Photo cred: @IndieCraftBazaar, Instagram

From jewelry to baked goods, paintings to body products, this show really had it all. I left the show with a heap of goodies, but what’s more, a ton of inspiration for selling¬† handmade goods and working shows from the designer point of view

Working craft shows - fantastic table booth setup

Return to The Roots table setup at the #IndieCraftBazaar

The above table setup was absolutely incredible and was rocking with feel good energy (and customers) every time we walked by. Return to the Roots makes incredible handmade oils, bath salts and feel-good health products. This maker had a very inviting setup, and better yet, the warmest, more welcoming vibe. She fully believes in her brand and puts her heart and soul into each of her products.  She was so knowledgeable about every product on her table, an absolutely fantastic vendor! And her bath goodies? Amaze. I picked up two bath salts, a drinking elixir and her facial oil, all incredible. Check out Return from the Roots on Etsy, and on Instagram

Cigar Handbags by Artia Designs made with Jesse James Beads

Cigar Handbags by Artia Designs made with Jesse James Beads

Browsing the show we were so excited to find a few vendors with Jesse James Beads in their designs! Our favorite? Artia Designs. These are cigar box purses made with real animal hides and terrific beaded handles. Love what these very ethnic-looking Jesse James Beads do for the purse design, they add a very eclectic and wild finishing touch. Thank you for the support, Artia Designs! Love your work. Want to see our favorite handbag? It’s the Fancy Brocade Bag, see it here

craft shows - fabulous ladies

Fabulous shoppers! Photo cred: Indie Craft Bazaar, Instagram

The vendors weren’t the only ones bringing the heat at the Indie Craft Bazaar. Check out these three fantastic shoppers, done up to the nines. Their outfits were tip top. Way to rock it ladies!

craft shows - happy shopper purchases

Pea’s goodies from the Indie Craft Bazaar

Pea and I definitely splurged at the fair, and with good reason! Everywhere we turned there was another vendor with incredible goods. This pile up top contains Pea’s takeaways from the Indie Craft Bazaar. Hey, if you’re going to spend some money, spend it on something handmade. Keep the business of makers and small business alive! Let’s support each other and return our hard earned dollars to the people crafting your purchase with personal love and care.

craft show - fashion

Off to the Indie Craft Bazaar! Wearing my Saturday best

This past weekend was my 29th birthday, and what an incredible celebration it was. I was blessed to hang out with friends, swim in the Florida ocean, sip a little champagne, and visit the #IndieCraftBazaar. This bazaar filled me with inspiration. It’s been a long while since I’ve been on the browsing/buying end of the table at a show, and even longer since I attended a maker fair. Seeing a craft show and all the bustle of creativity and passion was so very provoking! This is what you, our beautiful customers, do! You make. You are impassioned. And many of you sell your goods at fairs to turn a profit. I am overjoyed to be part of your process. If you are a maker and sell at shows, or if you are looking to begin, please contact us. We have great tips for selling at show! From display table setup to setting your prices, and of course, there’s awesome discounts for quantity purchases.

Thanks for popping by the blog! Leave us a comment below, or share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. The more we share, the more we know, and we thank you for sharing your creative passion with us.


Yours in Creativity Always,

Sarah James

DIY Gift Giving



The holidays are quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me, the words ‘holiday shopping’ probably make you cringe! Well here’s good ‘ol creativity to save your holiday season. Instead of waiting in lines and being stuck in traffic why don’t you make a cup of Joe, turn on Frankie Valli Radio and get to craftin’! Here are some easy DIY gift ideas.
PicMonkey CollageOn the top Left we have a memory wire bangle using a JJB Petite Strand and Design Element mixed bead pack. The memory wire is super tough to cut, make sure you have a wire cutter on hand!


For the Bohemian Nights Bangle you will need…

Memory Wire

-Design Element in VENUS (or your choice of color palette)

Petite Strand #24


Next we have the Hemp Knotted Bracelet. This project is great for beginners, just make sure your bead hole size matches cord width!! Here we used green colored hemp purchased at a local craft store, an Inspiration Pack in Natural Beauty and a toggle clasp for a touch of class.


For the Hemp Knotted Bracelet you will need…

-Hemp (or your choice of cord such as leather)

-Inspiration Pack in NATURAL BEAUTY


Last but not least we recreated an old favorite in new colours. For this necklace we used Black Acrylic Chain and some new JJB Strands in beautiful muted hues.


For Black Acrylic Necklace you will need…

Black Acrylic Chain

Nostalgia #2

Vintage #1

Lampwork #15 

Crimp tubes

19 Silver Stringing Wire


Now that you have been pumped with inspiration and creative juices, get out there and create til your hearts content!

May the Beads be with you.



Flash Sale – Bead Mixes

Flash Mix on Jesse James Bead Mixes. One day only save on beads

Our first flash sale ever! Save 35% on our famous bead mixes for 24 hours only. The sale ends on Thursday, October 15 at 8am. Every bead mix on is up for grabs on this sale. Get them while they last!


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DIY Tassel Necklace

DIY NecklaceHere is a green version of Candie Cooper’s ‘Western Skies’ Necklace featured on the cover of the Fall 2015 Stringing Magazine. We loved the design so much we had to make another! Here’s another spin on this fantastic tassel necklace. This one uses a suede tassel, suede leather lace and our Dried Herb Vintage Strand. Love!

dried herb tassel necklace

To Make This Necklace You Will Need:

Dried Herb Vintage Strand

Petite Strand Style #72

Gold Tassel Topper

Grand Finale #27

Hexagonal Red Wood Beads

Large Marsala Tassel, Suede

Gold Twist Jumprings

19 Stringing Wire, Gold

Jewelry Trend – Chunky Floral Necklace

Fashion Friday - Garden Party

Today’s fashion trend to watch: Floral print in clothing and accessories. Step aside spring fashion, fall is here and she’s taking the blooms with her. Fall sings floral in a slightly different tune – warm pinks and creams and nostalgic greens, nighttime motifs and larger than life blooms. It’s no wonder the Garden Party Necklace fits in with this fall’s looks so well. The muted pinkish/orangeish/reddish works perfect with fall’s murky pastel color trends, and the size of roses hit the larger than life statement look to a tee.

rose fashion close up 1

To recreate a Garden Party Necklace of your own you will need the following:

1 Rose Trio Pendant

1 Tortoise Shell Acrylic Chain

1 Spool of Beadalon Suede Lace

8 Large Jump Rings

Thanks for popping in for our first edition of Fashion Friday! Style is my passion, so expect more posts like this. Any look can become a head turner with the right piece of jewelry. Let’s create something beautiful together, one fabulous piece at a time.


Sarah James

**For instructions on how to create this piece please email me at jjbonline(at)jessejamesbeads(dot)com

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